Monday, August 19, 2013

Bible.Is and Bible App for American Sign Language

Bible.Is is another online Bible web site. It doesn't have any ancient Hebrew or Greek, but it does have over 700 modern language versions which are available in some combination of Old and/or New Testament in audio and/or text versions. Among English versions, there is the ESV and KJV (both full Bible, audio and text), NRSV (audio for OT and NT), World English Bible (text for OT and NT), and English Version for the Deaf (text, naturally, for OT and NT).

Nothing particularly remarkable about the site beyond basic search functionality, but the inclusion of the English Version for the Deaf points to a more notable offering, the Deaf Bible.Is ASL App available for free from iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon Appstore.
Experience the Bible like never before! The first translation of God’s Word in American Sign Language (ASL) is now available in an interactive, easy to use, Bible app, featuring skilled deaf signers in sharp, close-up, color video. Immerse yourself in a complete Bible experience – interacting in rich Bible content accessible in video and TEXT! [It also includes] 61 "Jesus" film segments in ASL.
Glad to see something like this is available. Check it out.

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