Monday, November 18, 2013

Latin Study Companion

Just came upon this via LinkedIn. The link will bring you to the "Learning Latin" Facebook group where Steve McCain has shared a Latin Study Companion. He says:
I just uploaded a new version of my Latin Study Companion to . This is a program that I desiged, and developed, to complement Wheelock's Latin textbook, but is also very useful outside of this particular textbook. This application is a very good study aid, for those interested in learning Latin.
Below is a direct link to the XLSM file which runs out of Excel. (A very interesting application of Excel!) McCain notes:
This version of the Study Companion adds print functionality to the main forms, and "Chapter-by-Chapter" vocabulary study to complement the Wheelock textbook. This version also has the adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections that are studied in Wheelock's textbook.

The first time the application is opened, Excel will ask you to enable editing, and Macros must be enabled for this application to function. I have tested it pretty thoroughly on Excel 2010, but I am only one person. Please, drop me a line if you encounter any issues, or would like to see some functionality added to the application.
 XLSM link:  Latin Study Companion

Thanks for sharing!

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