Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Notes: BibleWorks Mac Update and Logos Free Book for April 2014

Just a couple quick notes...

BibleWorks: BibleWorks has just announced an update of their Mac installer. According to their announcement, the update provides:

  • Clearer screen text
  • Touchpad scrolling supported
  • Numerous visual fixes
  • OS X Mavericks support
  • Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, & more Bible version display
  • Faster performance
Want to update your existing BibleWorks 9 Mac installation? Follow these instructions.

I can report that I have a number of students running BW on a Mac, and things have gone smoothly for the most part.

Logos:  The free book for the month of April 2014 is Steve Moyise's Jesus and Scripture. Moyise is a very good scholar, and his books are worth reading. This is a fairly new (2011) book and sells for $12-20 on Amazon, so if you have Logos, get this book now.

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