Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Blog to check: J. David Stark | Hone Your Craft, Enrich Your Life - Gospel or gospel?

I've been meaning to promote J. David Stark's blog for some time. Stark is a research professor in the biblical studies field at Faulkner University. Here's how he describes his "Hone Your Craft" blog:
For biblical scholars, “craft honing” includes things like
  • Productivity habits and practices to help you do biblical studies as a skilled “knowledge worker,”
  • Tools and resources to make your life and work in biblical studies easier, more focused, and more fruitful,
  • How to use technology to get what you need done rather than spending hours frustrated over minutiae when you could have invested that time and effort elsewhere, and
  • Strategies for ensuring your life is full both in your work and beyond.
He regularly posts items on resources, writing, and technical skills. For example, his latest one is on a topic that addresses an issue I regularly have to ponder: A Simple Guide to When You Need to Capitalize “Gospel(s)”

Check it out and poke around his blog.

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