Tuesday, March 16, 2021

John 12.20-33 Translation and Commentary (RCL Fifth Sunday in Lent Year B)

I'm continuing offering a commentary on the text and a translation for these Sundays in Lent. Here are the ones for the 5th Sunday in Lent Year B for John 12.20-33. I usually work these up for my students and have them figure out the questions, but I've included the version with my responses. I also have included my translation which I think is closer to be faithful to the Greek than to elegant English. I do highlight nuances of the Greek that are often obscured in English translations. You'll also see how I mark up my translation. In part, it serves to highlight aspects of a narrative critical reading and shows themes and repetition. In part, it serves as preparation for performance of the text. In my experience, trying to 'memorize' (better: to 'learn from the heart') is the best form of sermon preparation.

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