Monday, June 13, 2022

In the Steps of Paul - New Trails Planned in Greece!

Part of Via Egnatia between Kavala / Neapolis and Philippi

I am taking an outstanding class in Athens now on "Jews and Early Christians in the Graeco-Roman World" with the Hellenic Education and Research Center. Our teacher, Dr. Socrates Koursoumis, Archaeologist at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports, has shared plans that Greece is planning to create three Pauline pilgrimage paths that will hopefully be ready in 2023 or 2024. One path is from Neapolis / Kavala to Philippi, a path Paul followed on both his second and third journeys. The second path goes from Beroea / Veroia to Pydna, retracing Paul’s visit to Beroea and his escape to the coast before sailing to Athens as recorded in Acts 17.10-15. The third path goes from ancient Corinth to Cenchreae where Paul passed through at least once. (Acts 18.18) 

2nd Journey of Paul from BibleMapper Blog
This will be a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to walk in Paul's steps!

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