Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Beroea to Pydna Paths where Paul walked

Road between Aigai and Neokastro along route from Beroea to Pydna
According to Acts 17.10.15, Paul had to make a hasty exit from Thessalonica and went to Beroea (modern Veria). After some success there, he again was forced to move on. Acts 17.14-15 says that Paul was conducted "to the coast," and from there he continued on to Athens.The most likely spot on the coast would have been Pydna. 

I did a good deal of hiking and driving in the area in June 2023 imagining where Paul might have walked to make the journey from Beroea to Pydna. If you are interested in the background for establishing Paul's routes, suggestions on where to drive and / or walk with Google Map links, and some guidance on things to see along the way, download the attached travel summary.

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