Monday, April 16, 2007

Maps for Logos

I've been focusing on some of the new tools for mapping with GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth, and the great way people have been able to integrate them into BibleWorks. What about Logos (using the Libronix system)? It is not as easy to allow such map resources to be available within Logos, and personally, I'm not particularly enamored with the maps that are included in the "Logos Deluxe Map Set." There are other map resources that can be included in Logos, however, and they are free!

  • Nelson Ministry Services offers a version of Logos with a few books for free. If you already have Logos, you will still want to go here and download their Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts. It's not perfect, but it is worth having.
  • Even more useful for the high quality maps it offers is the Access Foundation Bible Atlas available at the Truth Is Still Truth site. (I recommend downloading the "sized" version.) It turns out that these maps were posted without legal permission. (This was not the Truth Is Still Truth site's fault but the Access Foundation's.)
  • While you are at that site, you can check out the other Libronix PBB files and Timelines available or linked there. (For example, download the helpful Conybeare/Stock Grammar of the Septuagint.)

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