Monday, April 2, 2007

More biblical mapping...

I keep finding more work that others have done related to the mapping of biblical sites.
You'll find descriptions and links to quite a few mapping sites here. Of special note among the sites/maps listed are:

  • Bible Maps on Very helpful 'topical' maps (i.e., maps reflecting a particular event, period, or person)
  • Interactive Satellite Map of the Holy Land: It is kind of like using GoogleEarth with biblical sites overlays. Like GoogleEarth it is free and uses excellent satellite maps, but unlike GoogleEarth: a) it is downloadable, so you don't need to be online to use it; b) it runs in a browser window; c) it is dedicated to biblical sites and has a very nice interface to quickly locate sites; and d) you can also download a version that can be used on a PocketPC.


  1. My personal favorite is They have a free download that lets you see lots of places.

  2. BibleMapper does indeed look very nice, and $35 is not too expensive for such a program. If you are willing to spend money for a mapping program, I can recommend HolyLand 3-D which comes with the HolyLand Satellite Atlas Volume 1 for $70. This program allows for some fascinating flyovers that I really like. You might also want to check out Walking in Their Sandals for $30.