Thursday, August 2, 2007

OT in NT Exercise demonstrating resources

I just finished an exercise I've created for a class I am teaching this fall on the OT in the NT. I use Matthew 4.4 and its citation of Deuteronomy 8.3 as a reason for helping students ask questions about the texts and discover the resources they need to use. In particular, I include six short videos that feature the use of BibleWorks7. (I hope to do a Logos version sometime...)
I think it is a pretty good demonstration of the kind of work one can do with Bible software, but it also is an attempt to show what is available online and to walk students through the process of accumulating information to make sense of a text and the history of its interpretations.
I posted the exercise as a PowerPoint show, but it includes all the links to the videos and a host of web sites. Here is the start page: OT in the NT Exercise - Matthew 4.4
If something is not working, or if you have other suggestions, I would appreciate hearing about it.


  1. You rock! I've posted about the tutorial to the BibleWorks blog as well as Old in the New.

  2. I took a gander at the slide show. Very good. I like how you combined the video with the slides, especially that you asked questions for comprehension after showing the video. A few questions. What font were you using in the slides? What software did you use to make the videos? Thanks for the work you put into this.

  3. Hi, Jim! Thanks for the cross link.
    Fonts: I initially had some much more interesting ones, but I checked it on another computer, and without those fonts installed, it was a mess. So, I had to stick to fairly standard stuff. I used Garamond for the titles and Trebuchet for the text. I require my students to install Cardo for Greek/Hebrew. I'm hoping that those come out in legible Unicode Greek on machines without Cardo.
    As for the videos, I've been trying to do this on the cheap. There are serious programs like Camtasia and Screencorder, but they will cost you. Windows Media Encoder is a free download that is certainly limited compared to the others, but for free... It took some playing around to get the settings correct. (You may notice that videos E and F are a bit better than the earlier ones.)
    Thanks again!