Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some new tools

A couple new items:

  • On the OliveTreeBlog, makers of Bible software for Palm and PPC, they are announcing that they are in beta of converting to Unicode. The Hebrew is first, and it looks great.
  • Brandon Wason on the Novum Testamentum blog wrote about a new website called He didn't notice, but buried in the "Translate" section, it does indicate that the base Greek NT is Tischendorf's. I think it is a fascinating experiment in terms of its color-coding, its 'graduated' display linked to Mounce, its "Translate" page which would probably be quite helpful to beginners working on translating, its ability to link notes to one's translation, the easy way to print to PDF pages, and the capability to "Share" and form private or public study groups. Zhubert's site certainly has quite a few more options and tools, but this appears helpful for beginners.

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