Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More language learning resources

Check out this blog posting by Curt Bonk that references a NYTimes article describing online language learning. In his post, Bonk links to ten online language learning sites (most of them free, at least for a basic level) that serve to connect language learners with native speakers or tutors in a collaborative arrangement. (Try checking FriendsAbroad first for an idea of how it works.) Exchanges can work in a penpal type of arrangement, but it is also possible with some of them to communicate orally using Skype or other recorders. I think this would work out pretty well if you are trying to learn Hebrew or Latin. It doesn't work as well for learning Koine Greek, but learning modern Greek certainly couldn't hurt!
UPDATE (2008.02.25): Just found another language tool through Jane's E-Learning. It is called Learn It Lists. Basically it helps you learn 10 words each day in another language. (For now, the only languages are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese & Czech.) The neat thing about it is that it can be embedded in MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, or Hi5. I use it as a Google Gadget in my Google home page.


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    "Jane's E-Learning" is really a wonderful language learning tool.

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