Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Bible Mapper" is back... and now free!

I just discovered that the outstanding "Bible Mapper" program is back online. (I had previously posted about it here.) The full version had previously cost $35, but it had become too burdensome for David Barrett to maintain, so he had closed the site down for some time. It is now back in version 3, and it is downloadable for free. David has a heart for ministry, and this program was a great way for Bible translation teams to produce maps that do not have any copyright restrictions. (BTW, this is a big deal.)
Do note that you will need to request a registration key. Also note that there will be little if any technical support, so don't bug David! Remember, you are getting an incredible Bible mapping program for free that produces copyright-clear maps! I really like the editability of the maps, and the attractive maps you can produce. You have a choice of backgrounds and can download additional terrain tiles. You can turn on/off various geographical features and also filter them according to time period. There is an easy click link into Google maps online. It also is great for providing major and minor land routes, something that often is not available on other mapping resources. Thank you, David!


  1. This may seem like an odd question, but when you email for the registration key, do they have a 3rd party company/email (bluebottle) send you a link to retrieve your key?

    I have been viewing your blog for about a month now, and absolutely love it. Thanks for providing such helpful information.

  2. Hi, Adam,
    Actually, I purchased BibleMapper just before it closed up, but my previous registration key worked fine in the new version 3. I.e., I'm not sure how David Barrett is handling registrations keys now, but I am hoping for his sake it is an automated process.
    Thanks for encouraging words!

  3. Hi, MGVH,
    FYI: when I emailed for a registration code from BibleMapper, it did go through bluebottle. On the third day after I reqested a code, the code arrived. I spent all afternoon yesterday creating maps for a Confirmation class. What a great program! And copyright free, too!
    Thanks for all of your excellent suggestions of websites.