Monday, April 7, 2008

UPDATE: Automated Backup and Restore of Logos/Libronix Settings AND RESOURCES

UPDATE from previous post: These new files now include:

  • Backup/restore for Resources
  • Scripts for WinXP/Vista and for Win98/ME
Thank you to David Hooton for allowing me to post these files here! He states:
The attached command scripts enable you to quickly backup and restore your Libronix user data & preferences AND now your Resources. To illustrate, I ran the Backup script on my main computer then did a fresh install on another computer from the 3.0e Media DVD. I immediately ran the Restore script and had a complete working Libronix without any Serial # or Account Management prompts - I only had to tell it where my resources were located!

Instructions for use are provided in the zip file.
Note you need to choose either Windows XP/Vista or Win.
It has also been reported on the newsgroup by Jui Khiang Lim "that it works well on Windows XP Pro under Fusion:Vmware Virtual Machine running on a MacBook with OS X 10.5.2."

UPDATE 2008.07.01: Note that these are the new updated files from Dave Hooton. He writes:
This revision incorporates:-
- a new parameter for User Files in a non-default location.
- the default "Program Files" location in XP/Vista 64.
- improved management of scripts requiring Admin privilege in Vista.
- improved synchronisation of two installations.

More details can be found in the Instructions in each zip file; especially
important if you have Vista.

If you used the previous scripts successfully you do not have to make any
changes to your shortcuts.
FILES UPDATED: 2008.09.12
Right click HERE to download/save the Win98/ME ZIP file.
Right click HERE to download/save the WinXP/Vista ZIP file.
Right click HERE to download a Procedures ZIP file with full instructions on transferring LDLS from one computer to another and another on reinstalling LDLS.

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  1. Hey, great post... know where to get info on backing up Logos 4?