Thursday, October 9, 2008

Books to download: ICC Commentaries

Charles Halton > Charles Savelle at BibleX > Rod Decker at NT Resources
If you follow that chain, you will end up at Decker's NT Resources site where he comments on the older, now-out-of-copyright commentaries in the ICC series available for free download on the Internet Archive. As he notes there, they are dated, but they often have worthwhile comments on grammar and syntax. I concur with his recommendation to download the black/white PDF versions. Decker provides a list of the NT commentaries, so check his site. I provide here a list of the OT ones that I found. There are 2 or 3 links for some of the books, and I am not sure why. They look to be scans of the same book, but files sizes are often different. If someone can confirm they are the same or recommend the scanning sequence that appears to be best, let me know, and I will thin out this list.

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