Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Tools for Learning Greek

On Nijay K Gupta's blog, he describes a Kuklos Eudaimonias (Wheel of Fortune) game he is using to teach Greek. He also asked for some other such fun tools for teaching Greek. Some suggestions:

If you have other good stuff, share it here or over on Nijay's blog.

*Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


  1. I am a doctoral student in Biblical languages and one of the best things I did for Greek was download the Earworms - Rapid Greek volumes from Audible. It is modern, but it has catchy tunes and helps learn some vocabulary. It also helps with fluid pronunciation.

  2. thanks for the links. i always enjoyed singing or creating stories for greek and hebrew paradigms. i still remember every word of a story my greek teacher used to teach the different forms of eimi. sometimes when i'm reading my gnt i will say, "aye, it's me". which i guess could lead to problematic translations, but the plusses outweight the minuses.