Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Bibles for Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Bibles are big on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list. On 4 April 2009, Zondervan's TNIV is at #8, God's Word translation at 17, and the ESV at 19. What's more, these are all available for FREE.
[HT: He Is Sufficient]
You can also get a number of other Bibles for free or inexpensively, and you also apparently can get all 9 volumes of the Dor Gallery of Bible Illustrations for free. I don't have a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch, so I'm wondering how the illustrations show up. If you know, let the rest of us know!
Note that to read Kindle books on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you need the free Kindle for iPhone app.


  1. The Kindle for Iphone app doesn't seem to be available in the UK.

  2. The Kindle itself it also not available in the UK, have no idea why because the demand is huge for it, at the minute we have to use LexCycles Book reading app for the ipod touch. Which is a shame as I can't wait to get my hands on a Kindle, but paying the VAT charges etc to get it over here from the US is too high!

  3. The Dore Illustrations on Kindle don't include the illustrations!

  4. My kindle is in the post ... but your NIV links don't work in the UK :(