Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New "Greek and Hebrew Reader's Bible" Site!

John Dyer, on his blog don't eat the fruit, recently described a new project he has posted online. Reflecting his concern for a technological minimalism in relation to faith (a topic he described more fully at BibleTech09; MP3 of his presentation here), he developed a "Greek and Hebrew Reader's Bible" site. This is really nice. Once at the site (as noted on the site, it does not work with IE; use Firefox or other browser), simply highlight the current reference and start typing in the passage you want. (Note: you must use a colon to separate chapter:verse/s.) The Hebrew is based on the BHS with definitions from Strong's (and BDB if you use popups), but the morphology is not yet functional. The Greek text is Tischendorf's with definitions from Strong's (and Thayer if you use popups). Note that you can indicate the word frequency for which definitions are provided and choose whether you want the part of speech, morphology, or frequency displayed. Optional popups provide additional lexical info. Parts of speech can be colored as you wish. Fonts and size can also be selected.

This is a fine implementation of a "reader's Bible," and while it works well online, Dyer also anticipates that one could easily print out the page for offline use. (Note that background shading will not print.) Thanks to John Dyer for sharing this resource!
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  1. Thanks for your kind write up! God bless.

  2. Mark,
    Wow..that's really a nice resource..thanks for the heads up!