Monday, November 2, 2009

Logos 4 Released

Logos today announced a major release of its Bible software program, Logos 4. (Check out the video on that link and more info here.) I was able to beta test the product, and I will provide more info when I get more time. Just a few things to note for now:

  • It does have a different look and feel. The default start page will make you think of a magazine more than of Bible software. Long time Logos users will need to make some adjustments. In general, and especially for newer users, the user interface is clean, intuitive, and logical. The panel and tab layout does work nicely.
  • The program indexes your library, and so searches are faster. In the beta, indexing took a long time to accomplish...
  • There are quite a few new resources. I'm especially interested in the improved resources in the Biblical Places category, and I will provide a fuller report on those later.
  • Your library is also available via WiFi using an iPhone app. (The app is a free download and also works on the iPod Touch.)
  • Logos3 Gold was superseded by a Platinum version, and now you can also get a Portfolio library ("1550 resources worth more than $31,000.00 in print!"). Price before discounts for Portfolio is $4290. For my seminary students (who can get a 30% discount), I'm still recommending the Original Language Library ($416 list) or Gold Library ($1380 list). Be sure to check the comparison chart. To upgrade from Logos3 Gold to Logos4 Gold is $190 before discounts. (I'm guessing that Logos3 OL to Logos4 OL will be about $100.)
  • A number of resources that one previously had to buy separately are now included in some of the libraries. A special effort has been made to include English-Hebrew and English-Greek reverse interlinears. There are also quite a few interesting new "Maps, Photos, and Media" resources included with nearly every library.
Click on the graphic above to get a sense of the layout and look of Logos 4. This a start, but be sure to check the Logos4 page for more info.

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  1. I am trying to leave a trail and hope that someone is listening.
    Real people in real ministries have been left out of this upgrade. Not everyone can go out and buy a new computer to run an upgrade. The price of the upgrade is reasonable. It just seems that they forgot that most people, in most churches are on strict budgets and can't run out to upgrade their hardware. A broad beta program might have generated some feedback on this. There are no specs on the web page at all. Will in run at all on Win XP, what kind of drive footprint is needed. When I called logos help on Tuesday night the guy said that I should buy the latest Windows 7 machine with 4 gig of RAM. Is this upgrade only for people who happened to buy a new machine in the last two weeks.
    I am sorry to be so negative, but these are the kinds of things which need to be in a review for people in real life ministry. I was ready to download the upgrade and was very disappointed that people like me were plain left out.