Thursday, October 29, 2009

Searching the B-Greek List

The B-Greek list is a tremendous repository for information about biblical Greek. If the info you want isn't there, join the list, post a question, and you are bound to get an informed answer. According to its self-description:

B-GREEK is a mailing list for scholars and students of Biblical Greek. Our main focus is upon understanding the Greek text of the Bible. Discussion topics include scholarly study of the Greek Bible and related Jewish and Christian Greek texts, tools for beginning and advanced students of Biblical Greek such as textbooks, reference works, bibliography and research tools, and linguistic topics such as morphology, lexicography, syntax, and discourse analysis.
BUT there is a big problem... How does one find information on a passage or word or topic that has already been posted without digging through 1000s of posts in the archives which date back to 1992?

There have been some options posted in the past (Mac B-Greek Search Widget, a bookmarklet, and a Firefox Search plugin which no longer seems to work). So, I made up my own Google custom search... but then I discovered this post with the link to THIS PAGE. That's the page you want because it has a "Search Archive" form that works well. I certainly didn't find a quick link to that page on the B-Greek site, so to save you the work I went through, just bookmark THIS PAGE.

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  1. The Firefox search plugin definitely doesn't work any more. For Firefox users, the very easiest thing to use is the "bookmarklet" -- a URL that can be set in the toolbar of the browser. For me it is an indispensible tool sometimes used many times a day.