Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Accordance 10 is now available

Accordance announced a couple weeks ago that version 10 is now available. 
Be sure to check out the new Accordance 10 video, Dr. J's "First Look" podcast, check out the list of what's new in 10, or take our full-blown tour of Accordance features.
David Lang has been highlighting many of the new features on the Accordance blog. A number of reviews are already available at the top of this page.

Since I am primarily a Windows and Android type of guy, I am even more interested by the other announcment Accordance made that a Windows version will be available in 2013.


  1. Downloaded and installed it a week ago. Very well done overhaul of the user interface. I think Accordance is going in the right direction with this software. I too was somewhat surprised by the announcement of a Windows native version in 2013. I bought my first Mac in 2010 specifically for running Accordance.

    I wonder how many die hard Mac enthusiasts will lament Oaktree's decision to release a native Windows version vice running it on a Mac emulator? I guess we'll see!

    *Waiting for Mortar shells on the Accordance forums!*

  2. Accordance has always done a great job of making their software work intuitively like other Mac programs, so I am interested to see how it translates to Windows. I do applaud their decision, however. As a teacher, it is difficult demonstrating Bible software in the classroom if people are using different programs based on whether they are using a Mac or PC (or Android...). At least with the same program, it shouldn't be as much of an issue whether you are using Accordance on a Mac or PC.

  3. True, one thing I have found is that e-sword, while not particularly powerful is simple to use and has a wide range of resources. Additionally it runs well on WINE within Linux and Mac. But back to Accordance, I think Oaktree will do right by the Windows community by providing a replica of the Mac version we Mac folks have enjoyed for so long.