Thursday, September 6, 2012

Versions Available in Android Bible Apps

Android Bible Apps Available Versions as of 2012.09.06

 Apps surveyed (with links to install):
I am working toward updated and fuller reviews of the various Bible apps for Android, but in the meantime, I've collated lists of Bible versions that are available in each. Note that my listing is somewhat eclectic in including only English translations I regard as significant along with Greek, Hebrew, and Latin original texts. Each of the apps offers many other texts in other languages that I do not include here. I am also not evaluating the functionality of the app at this time except that I note instances where accented Greek is not displayed properly. Also note that I am highlighting what is available for free in each of the apps, but if you want more and better resources, they can be purchased. You should especially look at the offerings from CadreBible, Logos (and the associated, and Olive Tree.

You can see the full listing of available versions for each app HERE (DOCX / PDF) which also includes prices for additional versions. Otherwise I have summarized my results below. As usual, if  you happen to stumble upon this page a couple years down the line, note that probably everything has changed!


· If you are mainly interested in consulting a variety of useful English translations, YouVersion is clearly the app to use. In addition to all the versions, it also includes access to the NET Bible with all its excellent notes. Some versions—e.g., the NRSV—are only available for purchase or via  a web browser.
If you are interested in looking at Greek texts:
  • For the Septuagint (LXX), MySword is your best choice and even has a version that is parsed and linked to Strong's.
  • The NestleAland or UBS texts are only available for purchase in some of the apps. A good and free alternative is the SBL GNT which was sponsored by Logos. The SBL GNT is available in CadreBible, Logos, MySword, and OliveTree. (I wish I could include YouVersion here, but I cannot get the accented Greek to display properly.)
  • Most apps have some edition of the Textus Receptus or Byzantine text or some other early critical edition (Westcott-Hort or Tischendorf). Among them, your best choice is probably MySword since it also includes Scriveners (1894) parsed and linked with Strong's.
· If you are interested in texts of the Hebrew Bible / OT, the standard BHS text is only available for purchase in a few apps. Some acceptable alternative texts (Aleppo or Leningrad) are available in MySword, CadreBible, and Olive Tree. I'm watching ANDBible to see what comes of their promised Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible that is linked with Strong's.
· For Latin, some edition of the Vulgate is available in ANDBible, CadreBible, MySword, Logos, Olive Tree, and

Summary of Versions available:


·         NRSV: The NRSV is not available for free in any Android app. The cheapest way to get it is either in Olive Tree or as part of a Logos library.It's also available for CadreBible. If you have web access, you can read the NRSV at, BibleStudyTools, or the Oremus Bible Browser.
·         The NET Bible:  The NET is available with limited notes in many of the apps. It's available for free in YouVersion and at It can be purchased for Olive Tree, Logos, or CadreBible.
·         KJV linked to Strong's: for purchase in CadreBible and Olive Tree
·         Other English versions worth consulting:
o   ANDBible: ESV, Lexham, translations of Peshitto NT
o ESV, Good News, HCSB,Lexham, Message, NASB, NIV, NLT
o   Logos: ESV, Good News, HCSB, Lexham, NASB, NLT
o   MySword: Lexham, LXX Brenton
o   YouVersion: CEB, CEV, ESV, Good News, HCSB, Lexham, Message, NASB, NIV, NLT, TNIV

Greek (with correct display of accented letters)

·         LXX: ANDBible ,CadreBible, MySword
·         LXX Parsed/Strongs: MySword
·         SBLGNT:, CadreBible, Logos, MySword, OliveTree
·         NestleAland: available for purchase in CadreBible, Logos, OliveTree
·         Westcott-Hort: ANDBible, CadreBible, Logos 
·         Some version of Textus Receptus or Byzantine: ANDBible, CadreBible, Logos, Olive Tree, MySword
·         Some Greek NT parsed/Strong's: ANDBible, MySword


·         BHS:  available for purchase in CadreBible, Logos, Olive Tree
·         Other Hebrew Bible (Aleppo and/or Leningrad): ANDBible, MySword, CadreBible, Olive Tree


·         Vulgate: ANDBible, CadreBible, MySword, Logos, Olive Tree,


  1. Hi Mark,

    Logos Bible Software announced a big update for all iOS and Android devices! New features include a fresher interface, more intuitive navigation, and improved features dedicated to better Bible study.

    If you're interested in reviewing the updated app, I'll send you a press kit. Please email me at


  2. For AndBible, the OSMHB module is a Hebrew text of L maintained by the Groves Center, which maintains the Westminster Hebrew Morphology. It is already available for AndBible, but vowels and cantillation do not yet display.

    Note also that the SBL GNT is also available for AndBible.

  3. @Daniel: Thanks for the info on the OSMHB. In the full listing, I do note that SBL GNT is available for AndBible, but the accented Greek does not display properly, so I did not include it in the summary list.