Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mark 6.1-13 Translations and Notes (RCL 6th Sunday after Pentecost Year B)

View of Nazareth (Basilica of Annunciation near the center) mgvh

Mark 6.1-13 is the appointed gospel text for the Revised Common Lectionary 6th Sunday after Pentecost Year B which is 4 July 2021. It's recounts two events: the rejection of Jesus at Nazareth and the sending of the twelve disciples. Nazareth's rejection of Jesus anticipates the rejection the disciples are likely to experience (Mark 6.11), and it creates an interlude preparing for the following passage (6.14-29) about the death of John the Baptizer.

I have again compiled a collection of English translations and offer my own which attempts to reflect the oral character of Mark's gospel.

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