Sunday, September 5, 2021

Mark 8.27-9.1 Translations and Notes (RCL16th Sunday after Pentecost Year B )

Caesarea Philippi (mgvh 2012)

Mark 8.27-9.1 is the well-known passage of Peter's confession of Jesus as the Messiah. (Note that the RCL appointed reading only goes to 8.38, but the unit really does extend one more verse and includes 9.1. I suspect it may have been omitted because it is such a challenging verse.) It also includes Jesus' first of three passion pronouncements in Mark, and Peter's failure to understand that Jesus' suffering and death are precisely what it means for him to be the Messiah. 

There are some fun nuances in the Greek that I try to capture in my translation.

  • The use of the historical present highlights Peter's confession in v29 and Jesus' rebuke to him in v33.
  • The use of nominative pronouns focuses both questions and responses.
  • The word ἐπιτιμάω = epitimaō occurs 3 times in quick succession marking reversal of expectations. 

The big question remains today: Who do people / you say that Jesus is? And once you make that identification, what do you think it means? Jesus defines true discipleship, but he also requires us to imagine what the dominion of God coming in power looks like.

Here is my collation of translations including my own along with notes and introduction: 

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