Sunday, September 12, 2021

Mark 9.30-37 Translations and Notes (RCL17th Sunday after Pentecost Year B )

"Peter's House" in Capernaum where the action of Mark 9.35-37 is located
Linked below are my notes to Mark 9.30-37 which happens to be the appointed RCL text for the 17th Sunday after Pentecost Year B. Last week (Mark 8.27-9.1) recorded Jesus' first passion pronouncement and Peter's negative response. 9.30-37 is the second pronouncement, but this time the disciples "weren't understanding what he was talking about, and they were afraid to ask him about it." It is followed by a dispute among themselves about who was the greatest which leads to Jesus speaking and demonstrating that to be first is to be last and servant of all.

It should be noted that "welcoming" a child was not normal in a society focused on honor and shame. "Welcoming" was reserved for people who had honor and who could dispense or gain honor by welcoming someone. Children had no honor to share

The Greek of this passage is marked by quite a few imperfects, but the one historical present is in verse 35 highlighting Jesus' statement: “If anyone is wanting to be first, they will have to be last of all and servant to all.”

Here is my collation of translations including my own along with notes and introduction: 

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