Friday, April 18, 2008

Logos Blogroll Promotion: Free Logos Books!

Appealing to our desire for more books, Logos is promoting their blog by offering the potential for free Logos books to those who include the Logos blog in their blogroll... something I have done since starting this blog over a year ago. But wait, there's more! By encouraging you to add them to your blogroll, I might even be able to get more books. Read HERE for more info on how you too might get some free Logos books.


  1. Having literally spent thousands of $$ building my Logos Gold library, I think it would be awesome if Logos would just give their supporters something back (i.e. books, discounts, etc...) for their dedication to the company.

    Instead we find prices continually going up and gimmicks like this that provide publicity for the company for next to nothing for them, and a "reward" to a limited few.

    Pretty sad by my way of thinking.


  2. I don't have a blog and would not be eligible, but I am curious on what free books would be offered....I couldn't find this on the blog post by logos.

  3. Well, that's odd. Earlier today the Logos blurb said people who blogrolled their site were eligible for a book credit... It's gone now.