Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pocket Online Bible Review

I have posted a review of the Pocket Online Bible, but it was a bit too involved to post on this blog. HERE is the page where you can read the full review. I will post a shortened summary below.SUMMARY
All in all, Pocket Online Bible is a fine program, and given that it is free, it a good resource. You will want to pay to obtain more Bible versions if you want to make this your primary PDA Bible tool. It really is not intended to be an intensive program for original language study (i.e., it will not replace OliveTree BibleReader as my main PDA program), but there are ways via Strongs to get some idea of the original text. (Original language texts can be added for a fee.) It should most directly be compared with Pocket e-Sword which is also free but offers some important versions for free (e.g. CEV, ESV). The main feature that Pocket Online Bible offers that is not available with Pocket e-Sword is the collection of maps and charts.

Bottom line: If you use Online Bible or e-Sword on your desktop machine, then it makes sense to use the same program on your PDA. e-Sword is the more versatile program, but Pocket Online Bible does include some useful maps and charts.

When I get time, I will provide reviews of the other Bible software I have on my PDA:

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