Thursday, April 10, 2008

More on Bible Mapper and other mapping resources

It is always worth checking out what Todd Bolen is doing over at, and it may be worth it to you to subscribe to his every-other-month newsletter. In his latest newsletter, there is some great stuff on Corinth including a PowerPoint you can download and use that uses satellite imagery annotated with the archaeological features.
Todd also gives a nice example of how he uses Bible Mapper to make maps like this one of Turkey. (Here is an earlier posting I made re: Bible Mapper.)
Through a link from BiblePlaces, I also found this incredible listing of mapping resources: Map Sources/GeoHack. If you are interested in mapping, this collection of links will get you to everywhere else on the web. One site I checked and particularly liked is Maps-For-Free. It is not designed for searching for sites, but, in addition to the usual Google satellite imagery, it has some excellent terrain maps (Todd's map shown above is an example of a terrain map) and relief maps (such as the one shown below). Have fun playing around with the various layers and other map types.

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