Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PDA resources

A posting on the BibleWorks forum brought me attention to the HandHeldClassics site by John Jackson. The site is "dedicated to the development and free distribution of ubiquitous tools for the study of ancient language." In particular, he is interested in the Palm OS and provides suggestions and links for the resources he uses.
I used to use Palm devices, and I know that the Palm OS is still alive on Palm devices like the Tungsten and now on a number of smartphones. I switched over to WindowsMobile when I got my Dell Axim X51v which I really like. Unfortunately, Dell has stopped making this handheld and offers no replacement. It appears that the market is moving everything to smartphones, but I don't know if a phone will be able to do and display everything that I do and display on my Axim. Should my Axim die, I will probably look for one on eBay or switch to this recently released HP iPAQ 210.

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