Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zotero: SBL style beta now available

I have reported previously on what a great scholarly, bibliographic resource Zotero is. On his SansBlogue, Tim Bulkeley notes that there is a now a Word / Open Office addin for SBL style foot/endnotes and bibliographies. It is still under development, and so you have to install it manually from the Zotero styles page. I am having some troubles with it in MS Word 2007, namely, when trying to add page numbers. BTW, I am still really mixed in feeling about MS Word 2007 as compared to Word 2003. One thing that particularly irks me is the inability to create my own floating or dockable toolbars. In Word 2003, I set up a Zotero toolbar that I could dock at the bottom of the window for quick access. You can't have such toolbars in Word 2007, so you have to click on the Add-Ins tab and then click on the Zotero icon. You can add them to the "Quick Access" toolbar, but that could get full of a lot of stuff in a hurry. Ultimately I end up assigning the "insert citation" to a keystroke, so it is workable. (And how do you assign actions to a keystroke in Word 2007? Click that button in the top left, then look for the "Word Options" button hidden at the bottom, then "Customize," then keyboards shortcuts "Customize" button, then...) BTW, the SBL site has a handy, downloadable PDF "Student Supplement to the SBL Handbook of Style."


  1. I have also had problems with the page number, feature in the SBL style, one of us should notify the Zotero people... Will you? Or should I?

  2. Hi, Tim,
    I posted on the forum: