Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laridian PocketBible 4 for Windows Mobile Review

The July 2008 issue of Christian Computing Magazine has a review of Laridian PocketBible4 for Windows Mobile devices which includes smartphones. The reviewer highlights a few features that I also think (cf. here) are noteworthy:

  • I appreciate Laridian's efforts at making the software available for so many platforms, both desktop and mobile.
  • The ability to synchronize notes and such on the various platforms on which you may be using the program. Personally, I'm running it on my Dell Axim PDA and using the USB drive option to run it on my other computers.
  • PocketBible works especially well with mobile devices that have a touchscreen.
  • Laridian has done a nice job of maximizing the limited screen real estate on mobile devices.
Check the full review.


  1. Boy you should have done the review because you said it much more succinctly than I. Thanks for the plug!

  2. Also very nice is