Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zotero, Making Digital Count, Collaboration, Future of Education

As Tim notes on SansBlogue, Zotero is good to go for SBL styles.

Follow the links on this post for discussion on the nature of digital scholarship and whether and how it should 'count' in an academic setting. It's a good followup to couple of earlier posts on this blog here and here.

A good survey of online collaboration tools with brief descriptions is here.

Making sense of new technologies has a couple of good items:

  • My previous post on mindmapping got some info here, but scroll down a ways and be sure to check out the Michael Wesch video on Media Literacy. (Direct video link here.) It's over an hour, but it is pretty interesting. In particular, about half way through, he shows what the online components of his courses are. (Here is the start page.) Here is the link to his course wiki using Wetpaint. This gave me some good ideas of how I might incorporate wikis in my own courses.
  • Also on this page is this notice:
    BC Campus and Common Wealth of Learning are offering a free download of their book Education for a digital world (the book can also be purchased). The book covers significant topics, including: impact of instructional technology, implementing technology, preparing online courses, e-learning in action, and engagement and communication.

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