Monday, July 21, 2008

Review of BibleWorks7 and Logos3 Silver

I wrote a review of BibleWorks7 and Logos 3 which appeared in the April 2007 issue of the Wabash Center journal, Teaching Theology and Religion. This article was not viewable except by subscription to the journal or payment for the individual article. According to the copyright agreement, however, I am now able to publish this article on my own website with the notice that "the definitive version of this article is available at"

It is a three page, single-spaced article, and I tried to focus especially on the actual use of the programs and applications in the classroom. Here was my conclusion, and I don't think much has changed since the article appeared:

This brief review only begins to touch upon the capabilities of the programs. My descriptions should illustrate how Logos is the more comprehensive program for doing biblically related research, but BW7 is the more efficient tool for focused work on biblical text. There are tradeoffs with each, and personally I have ended up usually having both programs running. Logos will cost more (though significant academic discounts are available), and one should compare the various collections offered. The Original Languages Library ($415.95) provides a good starting point that is more comparable to BW7 while the Gold collection ($1379.95) offers some outstanding additional resources well worth the difference from the Silver collection. For what it intends to accomplish and so capably does, BW7 is a tremendous value, but there is nothing like Logos for working with a digital, biblical library. For further information on these programs, I have collected links to web resources HERE.
Here is the PDF of the whole review.

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