Friday, May 23, 2008

Bible Software Reviews...

Came across these in my wanderings in the (online) wilderness:

At PreachingToday: A fairly long and balanced review by Pastor Lee Eclov of:

  • Biblesoft's PC Study Bible Version 5 (Professional Reference Library)
  • BibleWorks 7
  • Logos Bible Software 3 (Scholar's Library: Gold)
  • QuickVerse 2008 (Platinum Edition)
  • Zondervan's The Teacher's and Pastor's Library 6.0 for Windows (Pradis-based)
His conclusion is that they are all "amazing," but in the end:
For $150, Zondervan's The Teacher's and Pastor's Library is probably the best bargain if you do not plan to do extensive language study. It is stodgy in design and needs a face lift, but it is a great price for what you get. Biblesoft's PC Study Bible and QuickVerse are great if you aren't particularly into more scholarly approaches. They are both well-designed and fun to use. I'd give Biblesoft a slight edge.

For those who are serious about using the biblical languages, you have to go with either BibleWorks or Logos. I'd say it's a toss-up between the two. One of my student scholars felt he needed them both to get the range of study he wants to do. BibleWorks offers the better price. With Logos you pay more and get more, especially in the other non-exegetical resources, plus it is generally easier to use and more creative than its competitors. In the final analysis, Logos's Scholar's Library will be my go-to software.
At ChristianityToday: "The List: Bible Software: The top five computer helps for Bible research. It has very brief reviews of The Resurgence Greek Project, Logos3, BibleWorks7, Zondervan’s Greek & Hebrew Library 6.0, and Accordance. Check out the comments for more suggestions of programs that should be on "the List."

At About.Com: Christianity: Who knew they would have so much stuff on Bible software at this site? Look at the bios of the reviewers to understand their background. Interesting... In any case, check out:

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