Thursday, May 22, 2008

BiblePro - Free Bible Software and Online Resource

Catching up on a few things... and first is BiblePro. I had not heard of this program before, but it is a decent FREE program. (The site says that the author is a software engineer doing it as a hobby. It is truly free, but the author will gratefully accept $5 or more donations.) All the texts used are public domain ones, but the interface is simple and clear. You can download a limited version, or pay only shipping/handling ($8.95) for a CD with 43 Bibles (a number of them are non-English), "250,000 Commentaries (I can only conclude that this must count comments on this many verses; looks to be 19 public domain commentaries, devotions...), and "1,750,000 References" (from 1o dictionaries, lexicons...). If you want to check it out, I recommend that you try the BiblePro Web Version shown in the picture above. It includes searching, parallel versions, automatic links to the dictionaries and commentaries, and more. Clicking on "Stories" is a way of connecting synoptic parallels. Most interesting is the "Maps" section which includes 124 maps. Some of the maps I recognize from eBibleTeacher, ABS, and other historical maps. The program is not designed for original language study, and the usual cautions about using only public domain stuff apply, but again, nicely done, and it is FREE.

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