Monday, May 26, 2008

Free: "Notes for the Study of the Greek New Testament"

On the Logos newsgroup, Terry Cook wrote:

Several years ago I began keeping notes in Greek class. After 3 years of classes I had a pretty high stack of papers so I decided to systematize the notes into some sort of book format. Well, I have about 300 pages and over 700 footnotes and I would like to share my work with anyone who thinks it might be of value.
With Terry's permission, I am hosting these notes on my site. (UPDATE: 2009.02.10: Here is an updated post with updated notes.) He state in the preface:
It is my hope that when used as intended this guide will help students to gain a solid foundation upon which to understand the New Testament in its original language and that this guide might lead the student to pursue subsequent study and gain a thorough mastery of the language. Again, this guide is not intended for use as a stand-alone study guide but aims to provide the interested person a supplement to one or more of the many fine textbooks available... It is thought that this essay might be profitable for use in self-study, for use in the classroom, and as an independent reference tool.
The graphic of the Table of Contents above will give you an idea of the thorough coverage. As he indicates, it is well-footnoted, and there are frequent citations of Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics. (This is a good thing.) The glossary may prove to be especially helpful. As a searchable PDF file, you may find it useful to keep on your computer for quick reference.

Thanks for sharing all your work with us, Terry!

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