Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Customized Vocabulary Flash Cards for Logos

Logos has a convenient way to create flash cards to aid in vocabulary memorization.

  • Create a vocabulary list (File > New > Vocabulary List)
  • Add/remove words singly or by Bible Passage or by adding/merging word lists
  • Click on the Print Cards and then you print front/back sides
This works great, but you have no control over font sizes or adding other info (like frequency) to the cards.

On the Logos newsgroup, Philip Spitzer provided a great way to create customized vocab flash cards. You will need to follow the instructions he provides, but basically you create your list, export to Excel, and then merge into Word. In Word you can do what you want with the formatting (fonts/size) and add/remove other elements. With Philip's permission, HERE is the ZIP file.
Thanks for sharing, Philip!

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