Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Adobe Acrobat Online Beta

Adobe, best known for the Portable Document Format (PDF) file type, has just gone online with a new collaborative tool. This article gives a great summary where it says:

The free Acrobat.com beta includes the Buzzword word processor. Its ConnectNow Web conferencing and desktop sharing tool enables chatting via text, video, and voice. The hosted services invite file storage and sharing with the capability to convert up to five documents to PDF.
This is worth a look. The word processor is fast, has most everything you would want, and is easy to share with others for editing and commenting. The ConnectNow has great features, and the online storage is nice. There are some quirks in this beta, but it is a fine alternative to GoogleDocs and other online document editors.

You can download a desktop connection, but this really doesn't do anything more than bring you to the Acrobat site. Do not confuse this online Acrobat with the Acrobat program. The article sited above describes some of the impressive new features of the Acrobat 9 program (embedding video, web sites, security, etc.), but those are going to cost you... starting at $299.


  1. Wow, this is great. It's impressive at first glance. I played around with some and learned you can store your data, but I'm wondering what the limit would be (100 MB? or more?) with 'free' status.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Not sure why but for me it's just a black page. Nothing on it.

  3. Hi, Kevin.
    As I noted, there appear to be some glitches in this beta implementation. Black is the color theme, so you are getting the page, but it makes heavy use of Flash stuff that may be the problem.

  4. I tried it too.. and downloading flash on the browser if it does not have it is NOT cool.. such a hastle. There are other slick programs available already for free and paid. check out showmypc.com, my favourite free one and ofcourse, webex, the paid one. - Larry