Monday, June 30, 2008

e-Sword LIVE

I'm not sure how long e-Sword LIVE has been online, but (I just discovered it, and) Rick Meyers has done a nice job of presenting the respected e-Sword program in an online version. After you register your FREE account, be sure to click on your Profile to add more resources. There are 25 Bibles available (including ASV, CEV, ESV, GNB, KJV, NASB and a number of other non-English ones) along with 7 commentaries, 6 dictionaries, a couple topical indexes, and 3 lexicons. The resources are pretty much the typical online, public domain ones, but they can still be somewhat helpful. The online version does remember your search and passage history, but you cannont, unfortunately, annotate texts in any way.

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