Tuesday, July 1, 2008

11111: The Binary Biblical Studies Carnival Meme

Okay, having been tagged by the slightly cantankerous Adam (yeah, I'm sure he was looking for non-FREE software...), I'll play along with Lingamish's game of blog tag. Here's the idea:

This meme is very simple. You choose five Biblical studies types and invent a post that they might have written over the last couple of months. Those parodied are entitled, yea, obligated to tag five other bibliobloggers in similar fashion. Don’t forget to link to this original post.

Hence, my tags, but I'm only coming up with three to tag...:

  • 5 Minute Bible - Due to the recent decline in the world economies, we regretfully must become the 4 Minute Bible site
  • BiblePlaces Blog - Ark of the Covenant Discovered in Plano, Texas
  • BibleWorks Blog - BibleWorks being BibleOverWorked


  1. I promise I am not complaining about things being free. (:

  2. Thanks for making us aware of this. I have linked to it at my blog