Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Online Koine Greek Instruction Site and more

Just came upon this site by Ted Hildebrandt who teaches at Gordon College.... In this post I particularly want to highlight the Greek instruction resources he has on the site.

  • The graphic below is from his Animated Videos for learning Greek that appear to be taken from his Mastering NT Greek resource (US$37.49 at Amazon; follow that link for more reviews and descriptions). You don't get the texts included with the CD, but the animated videos would still serve you quite well. 28 lessons broken into subsections basically cover a year's worth of Greek. The videos load very quickly.
  • Greek Vocab Builder: A nice implementation of an online Greek vocab drill. The vocab is organized by frequency of NT occurrence in groups of 10-15 words each. (The numbers of Set 1 on the left.) You can also work with groups of about 50 words each. (The R for Row numbers on the right.) This online version does not provide pronunciation, but you can toggle Greek/English and proceed in order or shuffled.
  • Books, Theses, Articles: There are a ton of important Greek reference works posted here in PDF or DOC (and HTML) formats. Some of them are classic public domain works (Westcott/Hort/Robinson, Burton, Deissmann, Moulton, Robertson, Trench...), but there are also numerous articles from the Grace Theological Journal and from Bibliotheca Sacra and others. (E.g., check the articles by Bruce Metzger and Daniel Wallace.)
HT: SCSaunders on the BibleWorks forum.

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