Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adobe ConnectNow

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half with David Lang from Accordance looking at some of the features in the new Accordance 8. Now David is in Florida, and I am in Gettysburg, and I don't have a Mac, so how did this work? We used Adobe ConnectNow, part of Adobe Acrobat Online, I described in an earlier post. It really worked well. He shared his screen, so I could see everything just as it worked on his Mac. We both used microphones, so we were talking to each other the whole time. (We did have to do a bit of typing as we were checking on getting things started as you can see in the 'chat box' on the right in the graphic above which is a screen shot from my computer during our session.) We could have even used webcams if we wanted to. I'm not sure of his Internet connection, but I have Comcast cable, and both the screen display and audio were excellent, though the screen display probably was a couple seconds behind the audio. (We just had a brief audio loss [probably as my antivirus was updating itself...].) And this was all free. Amazing. If I ever need to teach over the web, this will work out great.

Thanks again to David for showing me how Accordance8 works!

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