Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Delphi has an appeal of its own, and it's not hard to imagine how ancients might have seen this as some kind of sacred place. On the other hand, I'm looking at ruins. Back in the day, it might have felt more like Las Vegas with its tourist appeal and opportunity for various groups to show off their successes. In any case, what happened in Delphi has pretty much stayed in Delphi...
Delphi is an important place in Greco-Roman history, and it does have one important biblical contribution, namely, the Gallio inscription. 
Gallio is mentioned in Acts 18:12. This inscription from Emperor Claudius to Gallio, procounsel of Achaia, can be dated to 52 CE, and it thus gives us one of the few certain dates in Pauline chronology establishing that Paul was in Corinth in the year 51 CE. (More info here and here.)
The rest of the pics from our visit are HERE.

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