Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moulton & Milligan: The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament

Larry Hurtado recently posted about the importance of Moulton & Milligan's The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament: Illustrated from the Papyri and Other Non-Literary Sources (M&M).  

Where can you obtain this excellent resource?
  • It is available at Amazon for under $30. This is the 1995 Hendrickson edition which includes a Scripture Index.
  • Mike Heiser on The Naked Bible noted its availability in Logos (for $40). It is linked to the Greek NT texts and is searchable in both Greek and English. An extra benefit is that the entries in BDAG which refer to M&M are linked.  
  • M&M is also included for free in BibleWorks, and words are all linked between the lexicon and the Greek NT texts. It also is searchable in both Greek and English.
  • (M&M does not appear to be available in Accordance?)
  • The 1929 edition is available on Archive.org for free. If you get it from here, be sure to use either one of the PDF versions or the DjVu version since they are page scans and will display the Greek. (Sadly, the Kindle version does not display the Greek.) These versions are searchable in English only.
Now you know...

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