Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Steps of Paul and Revelation: Pictures

I had the great opportunity to co-lead a trip to Turkey and Greece last month. We covered most of the Paul and Revelation sites in western Turkey and Greece. We had beautiful weather, excellent guides, and wonderful food and lodging. In preparation for the trip, I got a nice entry-level DSLR camera (Pentax K-x) and spent a few months practicing with it. As compared to the mid-range digital point-and-shoot camera I had been using, I found that one can certainly take much better quality pics with a DSLR camera, but it is also much easier to take bad pics when the settings aren't correct. During our 2 weeks over there, I ended up taking about 2000 pics and deleted about 1/5 of them right away. Now I've been going through them, picking out the better ones, and doing some post-processing. 
I got plenty of pics illustrating the significant features of a site, but I was also trying to take some pics that did more to evoke the site rather than just display it.

I've been using Picasa for most of the quick editing and Adobe PhotoElements 9 for extra work. One of the nice things about Picasa is that I've been geotagging the pics, and it is possible to locate the shot within meters of where I actually shot it. With Picasa I then also upload selected pics to space on the free Picasa web album. I'll start posting various day's worth of pics.

This trip was a wonderful experience, but one result is that I would love to go further east and south in Turkey to places like Cappadocia, Tarsus, Syrian and Pisidian Antioch, Derbe, Lystra...

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