Monday, August 25, 2008

BibleWorks7 Text Listing with Abbreviations

If you use BibleWorks7, you know that the base package comes with a ton of texts and that there are lots more user-created texts you can add at the unofficial BW Blog. You also know that the command line provides quick access to any text... as you long as you know the abbreviation for it. But then you have to remember which one is the morphologically tagged version and which translations go with which original text and which variant versions there are...
Is that what's getting you down? Well, here's the solution. I've created a spreadsheet that lists all the available BW7 texts with their abbreviations along with brief descriptions, including info identifying language, content, morphological pairs, translations pairs, and related texts. One sheet of the spreadsheet organizes them by groups. (Cf. the graphic above.) The second sheet is a straight alphabetical listing of the abbreviations. If you have the software to deal with an XLS file, you can, of course, modify and manipulate the data any way you wish. If you can't handle XLS files, I have also provided PDF versions of the two sheets.
You will note that I have not collected all the non-English, modern Bible translations. If someone else wants to create such a list, I would be happy to post it here. If there are updates or corrections, let me know, and I will try to keep this database current. Thanks.
[UPDATED: 2008.08.26 to associate Latin texts and add VUC and GLO]
List of BibleWorks7 Texts: XLS spreadsheet / PDF:grouped / PDF:A>Z


  1. Great stuff!

    You might want to 'freeze panes' on the second sheet in the Excel file.

    Also DRA can be connected with VUL can't it?

  2. Thanks, Joel.
    I've updated the files. I 'froze' the top panes on the second sheet. I also set the DRA as a translations of the VUL as you noted. In addition, I also connected Wycliffe's translation (WYC) of the Vulgate.