Monday, August 4, 2008

Firefox, Kindle, Zotero, iPhone, Accordance, etc.

Technically on vacation, but a few quick things to check:

Firefox 3:
Here is a good list of useful Firefox 3 add-ons.
Do note, however, that one of my favorite add-ons, Tab Mix Plus, is not yet Firefox 3 ready. You can install the beta which is working perfectly well for me HERE.

Kindle, Zotero, iPhone
Scott F. Johnson has an interesting post (with links to prior discussion) regarding the use of Kindle as a scholarly tool (or not). Basically he would like to see Zotero on Kindle or an iPhone, but he is not overly optimistic about the possibilities.

Logos' RefTagger Updated
Logos notes that there RefTagger has been updated to allow for some style choices. Here is Mark 6:34.

Video, Graphics, Online Publishing
Readers of this blog will have noted that I am also interested in the ways that biblical studies can be presented using graphics, photo, video, etc. If you are interested in such stuff, add Robin Good's MasterNewMedia to your reader. Sometimes it gets more into advertising and marketing stuff, but there are regularly nice reviews of other multimedia type of resources you can use.

I've been meaning to respond to some of the recent posts on the Accordance blog. In particular, I've wanted to follow up on a couple posts dealing with the word meaning "desire" in Genesis 3:16. (Part 1 and Part 2) It's a good case study of how to use Bible software even when you are not fluent in the original languages.

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