Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UMapper mapping resource

UMapper is "the first universal web-based map authoring application." I just gave it a spin, and it has some nice features.

  • When you start creating your own map, you can choose to use either Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Maps.
  • To locate places on the map, you can either locate them manually, use a map lookup, or use a Wikipedia lookup.
  • It's easy to embed the map (cf. below) or share it in quite a few other ways.
  • It's free!
As an experiment, I did a quick map of Acts 16.11f. showing Paul's journey from Troas to Philippi. Take a look:

A few things to note:
  • In this example, Microsoft Virtual Earth worked better than Google Maps. It's easy to switch back and forth between them, however.
  • It's not really designed to map ancient locations, so searching for such sites won't always get you the result you want.
  • You probably don't want modern highway maps, so using the aerial or satellite views are better. UMapper won't replace BibleMapper or Accordance Bible Atlas for creating your own maps with more attractive backgrounds suitable for printing.
Still, for a quick and free mapping resource, it's worth checking out.
Go HERE for the map within UMapper.
[HT: Jane's]

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