Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BibleWorks7: Using Tab Sets and Search/Display Favorites

Now that we have the abbreviations for the lists of texts in BibleWorks7, have seen how to work with the tabbed panes and how to access and display the texts, I want to share some ways that I am organizing groups of texts for my work. As I mentioned before, the BibleWorks folks provided some helpful pointers on Using Tabs Effectively some time ago, and you will want to download and play with the collection of tab files they offer. To see some of my collections, you will first need to download this mgvhcollection.SWC file and save it in your BibleWorks7/init directory. (Do not open it; your computer will probably think it is a Flash file.)
Now, in BW7, be sure you don't have any work in progress in one of your tabs that you don't want to lose. (If you do, remember to right click anywhere on the tabs and "Save tabs to disk.")
Next, right click anywhere on the tabs, and "Load tabs from disk."
A directory window will open to your BibleWorks7/init directory and show all the SWC files available. Click on mgvhcollection.swc to open it.
You will see that all 12 of your tabs have been populated with texts. Here is what in each tab:

  1. GreekEnglish Comparison: Focusing on how a range of English versions (literal > dynamic) render the Greek
  2. TRByzNA27comparison: Focusing on NT text critical issues, especially between the Textus Receptus, Byzantine/Majority text, and the eclectic text of NA27
  3. PeshittaDisplay: Peshitta texts and translations with view to the Greek
  4. Latin: Latin texts and translations with view to underlying Greek
  5. All Hebrew Morph Texts: All Hebrew/Aramaic texts for which there is morphological tagging including Targums
  6. Josephus: Greek with English translation
  7. OTPseudepigrapha: OTP is base text but displays other texts where available
  8. Philo: Greek with English translation
  9. NTApocrypha: The base text is James' (JAM) but the older text by Hone (HON) has some overlap and some additional texts
  10. ApostolicFathers: Greek (and Latin fragments) with English translation
  11. ThomasGospel: Layout of the four English translations in BW7 of the Gospel of Thomas
  12. TargumsDisplay: Targums with translations
These are the collections of Search/Display favorites that I have created. Unfortunately, BW7 does not allow for the sharing of such favorites, so you will have to create your own using mine as examples. (At least I don't think the Search/Display favorites can be shared. Favorites are stored in your bw700.ini file, and this file is too person/machine specific to share.) Check the Accessing and Displaying Texts video if you need to remember how to do this.
Have a great collection of tabs of your own? Why not share them in this thread on the BW Forum!
UPDATE: Tab order in my SWC fixed to match this posting. Also note that the Qumran texts (QST/M) are part of an addon module you may not have.

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