Monday, August 18, 2008

A whole bunch of stuff...

I've been away and my Google Reader is getting full of saved stuff. So, a quick unloading...:

  • Freepath 2.0: Check it out via Jane's. A neat way of creating a 'playlist' for a wide variety of on/offline media.
  • ProProfs QuizSchool: "Perfect for tests, training, recruitment, assessments, trivia or just plain fun quizzes!" Free. [via Jane's]
  • e-Sword Users Wiki: This is a new wiki with lots of resources. Check out the OT in NT References and NT in OT References harmonies you can download. [HT: Scabbard for e-Sword] And speaking of e-Sword Tim Bulkeley has a screencast on SansBlogue showing "students how to use e-Sword like an English/Hebrew concordance to see how a word is used - in this case עֵ֖זֶר in Gen 2:18."
  • Study Bibles: Iyov has a couple of interesting posts on study Bibles. Are they textbooks or reference works? He recommends the New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV 3rd), the Jewish Study Bible (NJPS), and the Catholic Study Bible (NAB 2nd) as examples of good textbooks, the NET Bible as a reference work. He also has some observations about notes in the NLT Study Bible compared to other study Bibles.
  • Basic Bibliographies for Theological Research: Jim Darlack has been busy. He provides lists of 'gateway' books that provide bibliographic collections in the fields of Theological Research in General, Church History, Biblical Studies, Bible Commentary Evaluation, Style Manuals, and Guides to Theological Writing/Writing Well.
  • OliveTree offers Bible Reader for iPhone along with the ESV Study Bible. Compare it with Laridian's

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